Here’s how the pup wait list works.

We accept names for upcoming litters (where your name falls on the list doesn’t matter it’s just a starting point)

**Once I get pregnancy confirmation for an upcoming litter, I will accept deposits for picks 1-3 (as its likely I will at least get 3 pups).

At 5 days before due date an X-ray is performed at the vet, that tells me how many pups I’m expecting.

At that point I will accept deposits for the remainder of the pups.


Campfire Doodles always reserves the right to choose “pick of the litter ( first pick)” if they so choose**

How do I decide picks 1-3? Picks 1-3 will be people that were interested in the previous litter that did not get pups.  Keep in mind many times they have already found a puppy elsewhere, so this list also changes.

Once a pregnancy confirmation is announced on the Campfire doodle page I expect those waiting to contact me and let me know they are still interested.

At that point I will call the top 3 on the list, and go from there.


Once we have a pregnancy confirmation we will accept deposits as listed above.  Deposits are not refundable once you send a deposit you are committing to a pup from this litter.  There is one exception to this rule we will return deposit if the litter does not produce puppies, or does not produce the sex you are requesting.

If you are requesting a specific sex only the top 3 deposits will have that benefit.  We are a small family breeder and sex of puppies produced can not be guaranteed.  Having said that once the x-ray is completed and we know how many pups to expect  the remaining deposits will be for picking order only and not for a specific sex.

Pick order goes in the order I receive the deposit money, it will then be posted on the website and sent in a message.  You are welcome to mail your deposit or pay through Paypal, using Paypal will require an extra $15 fee.  Puppy deposits are $300, the remaining balance is paid the day you take your puppy home and must be cash.

Puppy Cost

Our petite mini’s ( mature weight 11-20lbs) are $1600  male , $1600 female.

Our regular mini’s ( mature weight 20-35lbs) are $1600 male, $1600 female.

Whats included

Each puppy comes with UTD vaccinations/dewormings, starter bag of puppy food, goodie bag with toys, and lifetime breeder assistance.   Each puppy spends the first 8 weeks of his/her life in our living-room.  Where they are picked up, cuddled, snuggled and spoiled all day long by our 4 children and us.  Exposing puppies to the smells of strangers is incredibly important for socialization, so  we invite our children’s friends over for puppy play times frequently during the weeks.

At 6 weeks we begin individual crate desensitization to ready your pup for time alone in their crate.   Crate training a puppy is stressful for new puppy owners and the pup themselves, while this does not prepare them completely it exposes them to alone time.

As far as health guarantee we do everything feasibly possible to make sure that you are provided with a healthy, happy, pre-spoiled puppy.  Each of our pups have been thoroughly examined by our Vet and have been deemed healthy.   Once you take your puppy home you have 4 days to have the pup checked by a vet.  If the pup is found to have a health issue, we ask that you return the pup to us to have our vet verify that there is indeed a concern.

At that point we will offer you a replacement puppy from the next litter.  You chose one of our pups cause you were ready and wanted a healthy happy puppy, and that is what you shall receive, because of this we offer NO CASH REFUNDS.

The day you take your puppy home you will be provided with a receipt detailing what you have paid for your pup.  You will be asked to sign a contract stating that your puppy will not be used for breeding. Once proof of spay or neuter is provided to us you will then be mailed your CKC paperwork.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT   The contract will also state that under no circumstances will your puppy be taken to a dog pound or given to anyone else.  If you wish to return your pup it will be returned to the breeder only so that a new suitable home can be found.  I never want one of our pups taken to a pound or any other facility of the like.  We will take any one of our pups back at any time no matter what!